Why I Hate Star Wars

The irony of this all is that I’m dabbling in a bit of time travel here at the intro. The piece is written, but between the three different premises I juggled as my Star Wars rant evolved, my old introduction no longer makes sense. I describe this as “irony” because the simple film trope of […]

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COVID-19 Presents: The Stand

Stephen King’s The Stand is likely his most critically acclaimed novel, and it’s certainly the concensus Magnum Opus among his fan base. It certainly sold well, having been released right in the middle of the commercial apex of his career. Yet, it might not even crack Stephen King’s top 10 when it comes to his […]

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What The Lion King (2019) and Once Upon A Time in Hollywood Have in Common

This article contains spoiler’s for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and Lion King (2019), not that you should care about the latter.  When giving my recollection of the horror that was The Lion King’s 2019 “photorealistic” remake, my dad asked me what I thought little five year olds who hadn’t seen the original animation […]

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The Kevin Durant Crisis

Kevin Durant is perhaps the most reviled public figure in American pop culture outside of confirmed sexual predators like Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby. Old-school basketball fans hate him because he made the weak choice to join the 73 win warriors team. Young fans hate him because he engages in the dirt slinging on social […]

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